Facebook Australia Usage Statistics – March 2012

The Latest 2012 Statistics and Information from Facebook on Australian Social Networking Users

Video: Facebook Australia Users Demographics


Welcome to Facebook, one of earth’s most visited websites. But what does that mean for us [in Oz/Australia]?

  • Over 10 million Australians use Facebook each month.
  • For an average of 7hrs 14 minutes
  • That is 3 times more than: NineMSN, Google, Fairfax and Ebay
  • Nearly 2/3 of Australians have a Facebook profile
  • 30% of users are 35-49 Years old
  • 51% of users are women [therefore 49% are men]
  • The fastest growing age group is 50+
  • 75% of users visit every day
  • 78% of mums visit every day
  • 73% of business people visit every day
  • 59% of men 35+ visit daily
  • It puts facebook consumption on par with TV

and when users engage with a brand…

  • 64% say that when they like a brand on Facebook, it is actually because they like that brand
  • 25% of Australians check facebook first thing in the morning, then last thing at night
  • The most users are on facebook between 5pm and 8pm
  • Almost 7 million users have accessed via their mobile device – that’s 63% of all users
  • 37% access while watching TV
  • 31% from bed
  • 31% from work or during lunch
  • 24% access on their commute
  • 25% of Aussie users have accessed from abroad
  • and 6% access while they are in the pool ????

That’s Aussie’s on Facebook. Data from a Facebook Nielsen study.